The success of any RPA deployment project is not just the result of using best-practices implementation methodologies but relies heavily on the necessary monitoring and support function to ensure the health, robustness and overall success of RPA within your company.

TreasuryONE Automation is a certified and a Centre of Excellence partner of Automation Anywhere RPA software are perfectly positioned to assist with implementation and ongoing support services for your RPA deployment. Leverage our experience, methodologies and customised tools to quickly set up and deploy the support function to enable proactive monitoring, remediation and improvements.

Benefits of using TreasuryONE Automation to implement and support your RPA deployment:

  • Access to a team of certified Automation Anywhere RPA engineers
  • Gain from our experience in best practise setup of RPA
  • Economies of scale make our offering very cost-effective
  • No strain on internal IT resources and infrastructure
  • Faster route to achieve ROI targets
  • Local team, Local language, Local rates
  • Documented process and project management plan driven by a signed off blueprint
  • Formal Service Level Agreement with penalties

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Case Studies

How RPA can benefit your organisation

How RPA can benefit your organisation The digital age has brought us many beautiful things, but it has also brought digital drudgery.   By Rudolph Janse van Rensburg, chief of technology at TreasuryONE Where we once filled out forms in triplicate, we now copy and paste the information with hundreds or thousands of mind-numbing, repetitive…

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