What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

In this episode, we break down what is and is not Robotic Process Automation, jump into the 8 key benefits of RPA, and talk through where these robotic workers actually live/work. Several examples are provided throughout the session so you can get a good idea of where RPA may best fit within your own organization.

Implementing RPA

Finance teams often are hesitant before implementing RPA. However, as explained in this video, sometimes the project plan took more time than the actual implementation. Disruption to the finance team was minimal, and any issues that arose were easy to rectify.

“While you were sleeping” – Why RPA play an important role in finance teams

Getting rid of routine and mundane tasks helps to increase productivity in finance teams. Freeing up staff in order for them to take care of more responsible duties, and while the team is sleeping, tasks are being done accurately and efficiently.

What Can Bots Actually Do?

In this episode, we dive into what RPA (Robotic Process Automation) bots can actually do, what bots are for, and learn a repeatable approach to identifying and scoring potential RPA opportunities. Learn about the different actions that your bots can take during processing as well as a framework you can adapt to your organization of scoring and comparing internal RPA opportunities.

Starting the RPA journey

Huyndai Automative South Africa (Pty) Ltd started their RPA journey in Sept 2020, essentially in a difficult time in the country with the Covid-19 pandemic. A year later, Yvonne Ayson, General Manager Finance, talks about how the finance team was adapting to a new way of working.

Let’s Build a Bot! | Learn RPA

We learn how to build a bot! We dig into bot building by building a fully functional bot using Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019. This is a great session for beginners or those with little to no coding experience as every step is covered. Go from nothing to something in just about 30 minutes!

What is AARI?

Meet AARI! So, what is AARI? How can you use AARI? AARI stands for Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface, and it’s your new digital assistant for work. In this video, Micah Smith will help explain what AARI is, how AARI works with bot runners, and how AARI can be used to enable users to collaborate more closely with bots.

AARI democratizes RPA across the enterprise by bringing automation to where users commonly work. Embedded in common workplace apps like Salesforce and within browsers and desktops, AARI leverages familiar people’s workplace comfort zones to provide an easy way for business users to collaborate with bots, scale RPA adoption, and increase efficiency across the enterprise.

RPA Use Case with AARI + A2019 from Automation Anywhere

Micah Smith, developer evangelist at Automation Anywhere, introduces a problem statement from fictitious “Eagle One Financial” which is looking at a way to automate customer requests for proof of funds letters. We’ll use Automation Anywhere Community Edition to build a process that leverages AARI Web to solve for automating the creation and mailing of proof of funds letters for Eagle One Financial.

Leveraging Automation Anywhere Community Edition, we’ll build a process that leverages AARI Web to solve for automating the creation and mailing of proof of funds letters for Eagle One Financial.