Users of RPA who are unsure how they are performing against their peers, or who are unsatisfied with the speed or robustness of their current RPA setup can use our easy straightforward health assessment check. 

As a Centre of Excellence partner, TreasuryONE Automation has the necessary skills and experience to benchmark your deployment against others.

Our health check will provide you with:

  • Your benchmark score
  • Rate your performance
  • Identify bottlenecks in built processes
  • Enhancements to current processes
  • Suggestions to improve your bot delivery
  • Guidance to get more value out of your RPA investment
  • Review current licencing and bot infrastructure

Why Making Use Of The TreasuryONE Automation Team?

  • We are a focus partner of Automation Anywhere
  • We hold a Centre of Excellence Certification from Automation Anywhere
  • We understand the full automation cycle from hosting, building, process design to maintaining the process
  • Our experience in RPA is in diverse fields and industries
  • We are a local team that consult in local rates in a local language

Some of our Valuable Clients

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TreasuryONE-Automation-south-africa-adams-adams TreasuryONE-automation-south-africa-VAT-IT TreasuryONE-automation-south-africa-imperial
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